Getting started with TapKad
  1. To sign up as Tapkad user, simply click on the button below.
  2. Click on the sign up button and create your very own Tapkad account.
  3. Verify your email after registration and you are now ready to create your own personal brand!

Fees and Pricing

Everything you need to start building your personal brand are included in our Basic package, Free and Always will be.

Basic Version
  • Personal Profile
  • Contact Integration
  • Content Creation Tool
  • Gallery
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Basic Analytics
More exciting features are coming your way, impress your audience for RM1/day only. Stay tuned!

Pro Version
  • All functions in Basic
  • 🏪E-Store
  • 🌏Payment
  • 💬Booking & Reservation (Coming Soon)
  • 👪Social Media Management (Coming Soon)
  • 🥂Loyalty & Rewards System (Coming Soon)
  • 📈Advanced Analytics (Coming Soon)

Account and Site Settings

  • Can’t remember your ID or password?
  • Do not worry!
  • Press the button below and click on ‘Forgot Password’ to start the recovery process.

How to Use Tapkad

Welcome to Tapkad, lets get started.

This is your MAIN INFO Tab.

  1. Fill in Your Name
  2. Choose your Nickname for your account’s URL address. Your Url will be displayed as : tapkad.com.my/nickname . This setting cannot be changed or modified after registration
  3. Upload your profile picture and choose a cover photo for your Main Info banner.
  4. Click Preview to view the settings if it is satisfactory
  5. Click Save upon confirmation of all information and You are done!

This is your HOMEPAGE Tab.

  1. Click on ‘ How To Use – Text Editor’ to learn more about our functions
  2. This is where your personal branding starts, how would you describe yourself? What would you like to show to your audience? You can input texts and images
  3. Click on Preview to view your homepage in Mobile View.
  4. Click Save to upload your information. Don’t worry, you can change your input anytime!

This is your CONTACT Tab.

  1. Connect your social media accounts simply by pasting your URL. (example : www.facebook.com/tapkadmy)
  2. Add your contact numbers and email address so others can connect with you instantly.
  3. You can customize the message when you share your Tapkad. Fill in your Pre-set Message and all your shared messages will come with this caption.
  4. Click Save to upload your information. You are only 1 step away from having a Tapkad of your Own!

This is your GALLERY Tab.

  1. You can create your own postings here and share to other platforms or messenger applications like whatsapp and facebook.
  2. Create your post and input your content. You may include texts and images in the Text-Editor.
  3. You can upload Videos as large as 16mb per post. Click on the upload button and insert your video from your mobile or desktop. To upload videos from youtube.com, click on the ‘How to Copy Link from Youtube’ , its as easy as copy and paste!
  4. Click save to upload your postings. You may now choose to Pin 2 postings to your homepage, where viewers can see at first glance.

  5. You are all set up! Click on ‘View My Tapkad’ to display your profile and let the world see a brand new you!